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Wrinkles are cute… on babies and dogs. When you reach a certain age, the presence of wrinkles on your face and neck are definitely not something to go “awww, how cute!” about. In fact, most women dread the day when they notice that first line or wrinkle. If you’ve been wondering just how to get rid of wrinkles quickly or effective ways of getting rid of wrinkles for good, you might want to check out the following article.


Where did these wrinkles come from?

Wrinkles come from way beneath the surface of the skin. In fact there are three layers of skin, the epidermis (top layer), dermis (middle layer) and subcutaneous (bottom layer). The subcutaneous layer is where fat cells are stored and that diminishes over time along with the collagen and elastin stored in the dermis layer. When neither fat cells, collagen or elastin can reach the epidermis, the skin dries out, thins, begins to sag, and creases and lines develop.


How to prevent wrinkles

Even though aging is the biggest and most uncontrollable factor in the appearance of wrinkles, there are other ways we can control how soon and how many wrinkles appear.

Ultraviolet rays, either from sun damage or tanning booths dries out and thins the epidermis as well as damaging skin cells. Smoking is also one of the biggest culprits creating toxins that wear down and harm the skin. So avoid direct sunlight during the middle of the day, wear sunscreen, and stay away from tanning booths. That tan might look great when you’re young, but it’s not worth the long term side effects. Certainly don’t smoke. Save your skin and your lungs! Drinking plenty of water during the day on a regular basis will keep your skin hydrated and moist in the long term and might be one of the most productive methods in how to get rid of wrinkles.


How to reduce wrinkles

There are many solutions in the war against wrinkles. Some are extreme and quite costly and some can be picked up at your local pharmacy. Laser resurfacing and chemical peels can help by removing the dead layers of skin, revealing softer, younger looking skin underneath. However, it may take many rounds of treatment and the sessions are expensive and mostly not covered by insurance. Some harmful side effects may also occur, like swelling, inflammation and scarring. Injecting collagen into the skin might prove beneficial but again that is an expensive procedure and may need to be repeated often. There are also many over the counter topical creams that contain wrinkle reducing properties like alpha hydroxy acids and other antioxidants to help smooth and heal the skin. Some natural solutions might be rubbing sliced cucumbers, lemons, and other fruits with high contents of Vitamin A and C on areas affected by wrinkles to hydrate and replenish the skin.

How to remove wrinkles for good

If you’ve found that you’ve practiced routines on how to get rid of wrinkles or taken extreme action in getting rid of wrinkles like injections, lasers, or peels, and you still aren’t satisfied with the results, it might be time to try a scientifically researched product back by health and beauty experts alike. By combing the best and most effective wrinkle fighting ingredients, a complete anti aging system has been created to smooth, lift and firm even the most stubborn wrinkled areas of your skin. Just maybe the next time you hear someone say, “awww how cute”, they will be talking about your face!

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