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No doubt Al Pacino had a lot of cool factor as Scarface… and Simba’s uncle in The Lion King used his scar to wield enormous power. But most likely you are not as cool as Al Pacino nor as powerful as Uncle Scar. Your scars are just embarrassing and cause you to want to cover them up and ultimately, remove them! If you’ve been looking for scar treatments that will remove those unsightly blemishes, check out this article for multiple scar treatment options and ultimately the best scar treatment you can try today.


Why do I have these scars?

Scars form when the skin is damaged. The deeper the damage goes into the epidermis (top layer of skin), the deeper and larger the scar will be. The body naturally heals itself by producing collagen fibers to close the wound. These fibers are thicker and denser than normal skin tissue and can appear ragged and raised or deeply grooved. The DNA in your skin may also have an effect on the size and type of scar as well as the strength of your immune system, which controls the body’s ability to heal. A stronger immune system will promote faster healing time.


Scar treatment

Depending on the size and type of scars you have, certain treatments are more effective than others. Light and thin scars may react well to a natural scar treatment found in a home remedy while dark and deep scars may require medical procedures.


Home remedy

There is a scar treatment cream you can make at home that has been known to be highly effective over an extended period of time. The two ingredients you will need are pure shea butter pure frankincense oil. Make sure to find these two ingredients in the 100% natural non diluted form to have their full effect. These can be located at a health food store or possibly online. Warm the shea butter on the stove at the lowest setting until butter becomes liquefied. Add about 30 to 40 drops of frankincense oil, stir and allow mixture to re-solidify. Apply to affected areas twice daily until desired results are reached. Make sure to avoid eye, nose, mouth, and ear openings. Ask doctor before using during pregnancy.


Medical procedures

Laser resurfacing can remove the top layer of damaged skin by using directed ultra violet beams of light on scar tissue. Chemical peels can have the same affect using highly concentrated acids while micro dermabrasion polishes the skin with tiny crystals. Collagen injections can fill in the deepened grooves left by scars. A last resort could be a surgical face lift, which pulls and lifts your facial tissue to a firmer and tighter position for a smoothed out appearance. This is a highly invasive procedure and should only be considered in extreme cases.


Best scar treatment

The best scars treatment available to try today is effective on ALL types of scars, from the light and thin to the dark and deep, without having to wait for a home remedy to work or spending massive amounts or a taking a risk on medical procedures. This scar treatment has been clinically tested and meets FDA standards for a safe, easy and cost effective treatment. With all natural ingredients you can achieve fast results of smooth and even skin, in the comfort of your own home. When you’re ready to reduce the appearance you’re your annoying scars, try the best scar treatment today!

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