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Scars have a story to tell. However, sometimes you would rather not tell it or have to answer questions about how or why it is there. Getting it to fade or be removed completely may be the only possible answer. If scar removal is your goal, read the following article for the most effective and safe scar remover techniques.


What are scars?

You might wondering why scars form and why they are so hard to get rid of. When the epidermis (skin layer) is damaged, our bodies produce collagen fibers to repair it. These fibrous tissues are denser and thicker than the regular skin tissue and cause it to appear ragged, rough and sometimes lumpy. The degree of severity of the damage done by surgery, accidents or acne, and your skin’s DNA, will determine the size and type of scar that forms.


Scars removal options

The options for a scar remover treatment range from expensive and invasive medical procedures to all natural scar removal treatments that can be performed at home. Read on for descriptions of each option.


Scar removal surgery

Laser surgery and micro dermabrasion are two options performed by a doctor or dermatologist. Each method removes the top layer of damaged epidermis to smooth out the skin. Laser surgery uses beams of ultraviolet light and micro dermabrasion uses ultra fine pieces of sand or crystals to polish and remove damaged cells. Sometimes injections of collagen can be injected to raise the deepened grooves to even out the surface of the skin. All of these methods may be somewhat painful and could have possible side effects, and may come at a high cost.


Home remedies

Oils such as olive, lavender, tea tree, and Vitamin E have been known to contain healing properties that rejuvenates damaged and dead skin cells to their former glory. These oils are easily found at your grocery store or local pharmacy. Cocoa butter can also be used to soften and re-moisturize the skin which will reduce the appearance of scars. They are safe methods and cheaper than a scar removal cream but may need to be repeated often and could take a lot longer to get desired results. And very deeply penetrated scars may not be affected by such mild ingredients.


Healthy diet

It is important to know that when your body is hydrated, the skin becomes naturally softer and smooth. Water intake needs to be on a daily basis along with a healthy diet of vitamins and minerals which is found in fruits and vegetables to strengthen the immune system which promotes the body’s natural healing powers. Vitamin supplements are also a good way to increase the amount your body needs. This can speed up healing time of new scars and reduce the appearance of old ones.


Best scar remover

Choosing between the high cost of medical treatments and the less expensive all natural scar remover home remedies that take longer to show results may be a difficult choice. Luckily there is an answer. The best scar removal option is found in a scar removal topical solution that will work on any type of scars anywhere on your body in safe, easy and cost effective method. Made with all natural, yet highly effective ingredients and clinically tested to meet FDA standards, you can achieve results in the privacy of your own home. Then your scar stories will be up to you to tell!

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