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If you are affected by scars anywhere on your body from acne, accidents, surgery or burns you have probably heard that laser scar removal is a possible solution. You probably also have questions about how safe it is, if it will hurt and how expensive it will be. If you are interested in getting answers to these questions and more, read the following article on laser scar treatment as a possible solution.


Why do scars appear?

Scars appear when the body repairs itself after damage is done to the skin. The skin (or epidermis) creates collagen fibrous tissue to close the wound. These tissues do not have the same consistency as original skin tissue and can appear stretched, lumpy, raised, grooved or deepened. The type of scar that is created can depend on what type of wound caused the damage, where it is located as well as your skin’s DNA. The strength of your immune system plays a role as well. If your immune system is weakened due to bad health or improper nutrition, it will slow down the healing process.


How does laser scar treatment work?

Laser treatment for scars basically restores the top layer of skin by using intense light beams directed at scar areas to remove damaged tissue while also encouraging new collagen growth.


Different types of laser treatment

There are basically two types of laser treatments for scars, ablative and non-ablative. Ablative treatments contain carbon dioxide and are considered a more intense form of treatment that goes deeper under the surface of the skin and removes the dead layer. This can cause a longer lasting effect on more deeply grooved and ragged scars. Non ablative treatments are a milder procedure that does not actually remove skin but just resurfaces or restores. This may need to be repeated more often but is less invasive and does not cause as much inflammation. This option may work best on raised scars of a lighter shade. Both of these options can be used a laser acne scar removal treatment as well for pockmarks or pitted scars.


Side effects

While these laser scar removal procedures are generally considered safe, there are potential side effects and risks. Skin can turn red and inflammation can occur. Depending on how deep the lasers go can determine the amount of inflammation. This may take several weeks to go away. Although it is rare, there is a chance of bacterial infection. You also have to stay out of direct sunlight to avoid serious potential burns. In some serious cases of permanent redness and discoloration, the side effects may be worse than the scars themselves.


Laser scar removal cost

Since most scar removal procedures are considered cosmetic, not medical necessities, most insurance companies will not cover the cost. You must seriously weigh the cost versus benefit risk and decide whether or not laser scar treatment is the right choice for you.


The best option

What if the best option wasn’t laser scar removal at all? Why take the risk or pay for expensive laser scar treatment, when a product has been developed that can achieve the same results in the privacy of your own home? Clinically tested and stamped with FDA approval, this topical solution is made with 100% natural ingredients to create rejuvenated, smooth and even skin.


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