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So, the war on acne was hard fought and you came out victorious. But now you have the battle wounds to prove it. However you might not feel so victorious. It can be a constant reminder of all you did lose… self esteem and confidence. If you are looking for the answer to how to remove acne scars, check out the following article on the best possible way to remove acne scar, fast and painlessly.


Why do I have acne scars?

Acne scars occur when the top layer of skin tissue, called the epidermis is damaged by the acne infection and resulting inflammation. There are greater chances of scars if you pick or squeeze the blemishes. This can further damage the infected spore and spread the bacteria to other pores, resulting in more acne and potential scarring. Sometimes the scars will occur anyway because of the severity and type of acne infection, heredity, DNA and how well your immune system fights off disease.


Remove acne scarring

There are multiple solutions removing acne scars. They range from having a healthy immune system, to remedies you can try at home, to surgical treatment and finally a topical solution that will show you how to reduce acne scars and ultimately how to remove acne scars for good.


Immune System

By maintaining a balanced and healthy diet of low fat foods, protein rich, fruits and vegetables accompanied by drinking plenty of water throughout the day can contribute greatly to how to reduce acne scars. These positive habits increase the functionality of your immune system. When it is functioning well and strong and the body is hydrated, it promotes faster healing and new skin cell growth.


Home remedies

Some products found in your own home can help in removing acne scars. Apply egg whites before bed and let dry overnight. Rinse in the morning. This can tighten the stretched out skin to make scars look smaller. Lemon and lime juice as well as honey have acidic and antioxidant properties will help remove damaged skin cells and rejuvenate new ones. Also, tea tree oil and aloe vera gel reduces the inflammation and redness scars can have, make them less noticeable. Since these are home remedies, they have been known be effective but may take longer to show results.


Surgical treatments

A faster and more permanent option would be to have certain dermatological treatments performed by a doctor. Chemical peels remove the top most layer of the skin which is damaged, revealing newer healthy skin underneath. Laser resurfacing and micro dermabrasion can have the same results with less redness and irritation. However, these do not come at a reasonable cost, normally not covered by insurance and still can have some unpleasant side effects. Also, these procedures most often need to be repeated resulting in more expense.


How to heal acne scars the best way

If you don’t have the money or patience, or the money to remove acne scar trying the above suggestions, or are concerned about undergoing invasive procedures, we suggest trying a clinically proven and scientifically tested product that combines FDA approved natural ingredients to fortify skin’s new cell production and remove an acne scar anywhere on your body.  By offering a pain free, safe and cost effective solution, the question of how to remove acne scars for good, has finally been answered. Leaving the battle scars on the battle field has never felt so victorious!

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