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Bumpy and lumpy or flat and scabby warts are gross. They make you want to run in the opposite direction. However, when they are on your body, it is kind of impossible. Most people know they are contagious, but part of the fear is what you may NOT know about them? What are they really? Why are they growing on my skin? How can I get rid of them? If you need answers to these questions, check out the following article on wart information, treatment for warts, and the most cost effective and safe wart treatment available.


What are warts?

All different types of warts, no matter where they are located on the body are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus, known as HPV. The virus causes an overgrowth of the protein called keratonin on our skin and builds dense cells and tissue on the surface containing the virus. HPV is highly contagious and is spread by wart to skin contact or bodily fluids. The fluids enter into your system through openings in the skin, like cuts, scrapes or scratches… or by sexual intercourse. Most warts are benign and will never cause serious side effects, like cancer but more uncommon strains of the virus can cause cells to become cancerous. However, you should always be checked out by a licensed medical professional to know for sure. Unfortunately, there is no cure for HPV and all you can do is try to keep the virus levels low by remaining as healthy as possible and treat outbreaks if they occur.


How to treat warts

When choosing wart treatments, it is important to know what specific type of wart you are treating and find one safe for that area of your body. Once that has been established, here are some methods to consider in your search for an effective wart treatment.


Method #1: Home remedies

Soak a slice of lemon in apple cider vinegar overnight, and then apply directly to the wart for a few minutes a few times a day. The acidity in the lemon and vinegar will eventually cause the wart to shrink and fall off. Garlic has also been known to have the same effect. Cut raw garlic cloves into slices and allow to penetrate wart for a few minutes twice a day. If the wart has any openings exposing raw skin underneath OR located in the genital area, do not use the above mentioned solutions. These may take extended time to achieve the desired results.


Method #2: Medical procedures

There are different options that can be performed by a doctor like laser surgery, cryotology (freezing off the wart with liquid nitrogen) or excision (cutting out wart completely). These solutions might be quite painful, costly and need to be repeated.


The best wart treatment

The best wart treatment available today can be found in a product that is guaranteed to work on even the most stubborn of warts. Combining the advanced technology of natural medicine and science, clinical studies have created a treatment for warts that is cost effective, 100% all natural, and safe to use on any type of wart, anywhere on your body. Satisfied customer reviews agree, you’ll no longer want to make people run in the opposite direction.

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