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Even though skin tags are neither dangerous nor painful, they still can be irritating and cause embarrassment, especially when they grow quite large or are clustered in groups on prominent places on your body. The process of skin tags removal in the past has been known to be more irritating than the skin tags themselves; so many people don’t do anything about them. If you don’t feel particularly passive about your skin tags and want them gone, you are in luck! Read the following article for skin tag removal solutions and a recommendation for the best skin tag remover today.


What are skin tags?

Skin tags, medically known as acrochordons, are extra growths of skin that hang in a stalk like form off your body mostly in the areas where there are folds of skin. They are thought to be caused mainly by skin friction, where skin rubs together over a period of time. Being overweight can increase the probability of skin tags as well as hanging loose skin after losing a large amount of weight. The hormones in pregnancy and puberty somehow can attribute to this condition, but most people don’t start experiencing skin tags unless middle age. The extra pieces of hanging skin are made up of fibrous tissue and extra cells. They pose no harm except for the irritation factor.


Removal of skin tags

If you do decide to get rid of skin tags, here are some methods to try.


Method #1: Skin tag removal at home

Cutting off the blood supply to the skin tag can cause it to shrink and fall off. This can be accomplished by tying a knot around the base of the skin tag with a piece of thread, dental floss or a thin rubber band. It may take a few days but it has been known to be effective. You may need some help if the skin tag is in unreachable location. Covering with duct tape may take a bit longer, but can also work. Try to avoid that particular method if the skin tags are near hair.


Method #2: Skin tag removal at the doctor’s office

Doctors can perform procedures that are quite efficient and quick but may be painful. Freezing off the skin tag with liquid nitrogen can and may cause irritation to surrounding skin. It can also be snipped off after numbed with an injection of anesthesia but that might not sound very appealing either. Both of these methods may not be covered by insurance and could be quite expensive. Don’t ever try to snip or cut off the skin tags at home, you can cause a lot of bleeding and a possible infection.


Method #3: Skin tag removal products

Some skin tag removal cream may contain harsh ingredients that can irritate and damage skin or harm sensitive surrounding areas. Make sure you read labels and feel comfortable and secure with the ingredients you are putting on your skin.


Best skin tag removal solution

If you want the best solution, look no further. Advanced clinical testing combining the best of herbal medicine and scientific methods have created a skin tag removal solution that guarantees a fast, easy, painless and cost effective solution. Combined with 100% natural FDA approved ingredients, you will finally have the answer you’ve been looking for! Skin tagless customers agree that skin tags removal has never been easier!

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