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Who wants to look like a tiger, unless it’s Halloween or you actually are a tiger! The stripes that make tigers beautiful unfortunately don’t have the same effect on humans. When our bodies have stripes, it is usually because of stretch marks. Stretch marks make even the most self confident of us, a little or a lot self conscious. If this describes you, you might want to pay attention to the following solutions for stretch mark treatment, ending with the best stretch marks treatment available today.


What are these stripes?

The lines on our body that can look like stripes are actually what happens underneath the first layer of skin (the epidermis) to the second layer of skin (the dermis). When the dermis experiences a sudden stretching, a tear can occur and causes a scar to form on the epidermis. This can happen to the body during pregnancy, during other times of weight gain or weight lifting where the muscles grow and stretch the skin.


Treatment for stretch marks

There are many treatments available that range from simple home remedies to topical creams and solutions and possibly more drastic measures like invasive surgery or dermatological procedures.


Home remedies for stretch mark removal treatment

A stretch marks treatment that can be made at home includes a ½ cup Aloe Vera lotion, 1 cup of virgin olive oil, 4-5 Vitamin E capsules (broken apart to use liquid), and 2-3 vitamin A capsules (same process as Vitamin E). Blend all ingredients either with a mixer or a blender. Store in a covered container in refrigerator. Apply daily to fade and smooth appearance of stretch marks or to prevent stretch marks from forming. In addition to at home treatment, make sure you stay hydrated also on a daily basis, exercise without too much muscle building or strain, and eat a healthy diet to avoid weight gain.


Dermalogical/surgical stretch mark treatment

Dermatologists and surgeons offer treatments that may or may not be the right solution for your stretch mark issues. Procedures like laser resurfacing, chemical peels or microdermabrasions slough (or remove) off the first layer of dead skin cells which can result in more even skin. New skin cells are regenerated giving a more youthful, smooth appearance. Both of these procedures can be expensive and you may need up to 10 treatments to get the desired results. Some blistering, redness and inflammation may occur so take that into consideration when comparing treatment options. A surgical procedure like a tummy tuck and liposuction eliminates stretch marks altogether because stretch marked skin is removed entirely along with fatty tissues that stretch the skin. However, keep in mind that is an invasive surgery which requires a long and painful recovery time and may pose serious side effects.


Best stretch mark treatment

The most non invasive, cost efficient and safe stretch marks treatment can be found in a product containing natural based ingredients, combined with scientifically proven skin healing compounds that penetrate deeply and absorb completely to tackle issues from underneath the skin, not just topically. Not only will stretch marks fade, but cellulite, wrinkles, and age spots can disappear too. Beauty and health experts agree that you will see results if applied on a consistent daily basis that will take years (and stripes!) off your skin’s appearance. Because of its effectiveness, and additional benefits, we feel this is the finest stretch mark treatment available today.

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