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Stretch marks are battle scars, whether it’s from the war on our bodies during pregnancy or puberty or just simply aging. However, it is difficult to get society to view them that way and most of the time; they just look ugly and embarrassing. Certainly not something you’re proud of or want to show off to the world. If you’re ready to fight the war on stretch marks removal, read on for the best stretch mark removal options.


Where did these stretch marks come from?

Stretch marks come from the second layer of our skin, called the dermis, stretching suddenly, and causing a tear. This appears as a scar on the epidermis, the top layer of skin. Rapid weight gain, either from pregnancy or puberty or just not taking care of our bodies can cause these tears and resulting scars. Genetics may also play a role by giving us a predisposition to stretch marks.


Removing stretch marks

There are many stretch mark remover options on the market today to help with prevention of new stretch marks or preventing them from occurring at all. Home remedies, over the counter products, or more intensive “don’t try this at home” solutions are all available, based on your preferences.


Stretch marks removal at home

Some natural remedies you can find in your kitchen have been known to reduce the visibility of stretch marks.  Try making an orange honey scrub by combing the juice from a squeezed orange, honey, sugar and olive oil. Massage over stretch marks for a few minutes and then leave it there to absorb. Rinse off with warm water. Then apply pure cocoa butter or Aloe Vera or lotions containing them. Make sure to stay hydrated with at least 8 cups of water a day and eat healthy foods to avoid weight gain.


Stretch marks removal cream

When your skin is moisturized and hydrated it can stretch out easily without tearing and causing a scar. There are many creams out there for that purpose and many creams to help them disappear if they have already shown up. Look for stretch marks removal cream that contain vitamins and minerals that boost collagen production and heal the damage from scarring.


Surgical stretch mark remover?

Getting a tummy, butt, or thigh tuck, is one of the most permanent stretch mark removal solutions. However this comes with high expense and is not usually covered by insurance, due to the fact that it is an optional cosmetic procedure. That, including the high risk of serious complications doesn’t make it a viable option. Dermatologists offer laser resurfacing treatment or microdermabrasion techniques but those are temporary fixes and may need to be repeated frequently also at great expense.


Best stretch mark removal solution

If you have been trying to prevent stretch marks for most of your life, tried the home remedies, don’t want to go the extreme route of risky procedures, and stretch marks removal hasn’t worked,  why don’t you try a topical cream that has been approved by health and beauty experts and backed by scientific studies? Many consider this to be one of the top products for stretch mark removal. Made with natural ingredients it can fade scarring due to stretch marks and acne or even age spots and cellulite. You’ll be left with smooth, even toned, and firm skin.

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