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Nobody ever said that growing old gracefully was easy. Many factors affect our bodies, often with negative results. Gaining wisdom is great but gaining stretch marks or other signs of aging are not. Even though stretch marks are widely accepted as a common occurrence of aging, pregnancy or puberty, it doesn’t eliminate the embarrassment and self consciousness. If you’ve been looking for answers on how to remove stretch marks or how to remove stretch marks for good, pay attention to the following suggestions and take action!


How did these stretch marks get here?

Stretch marks appear when your skin experiences a sudden stretching. That stretching creates a tear in the dermis (second skin layer) which results in a scar on the epidermis (top skin layer) that is visible to all who pay attention. The sudden stretching of the dermis can occur during pregnancy or puberty (two time periods the body does the most growing) or during extreme weight lifting. The aging process causes stretch marks too because as we get older the skin loses its elasticity and becomes stretched out and thin.


Removing stretch marks

So if the any of the above situations apply you and you’re ready to gain a little more knowledge on how to remove stretch marks, or finally recover from the effects of aging, puberty or pregnancy, read on for some natural solutions to removing stretch marks.


How to remove stretch marks naturally

You’d be surprised at some of the natural ways to remove stretch marks that you can try at home.

  • Oils and gels: Apply Vitamin E or A based lotions to your skin to regenerate skin cell growth and reduce the scars’ appearance. You can also break open the vitamin supplements and rub the liquid onto your skin. Pure Aloe Vera gel has been known to rehydrate and smooth skin’s surface as well.
  • Cocoa Butter & Coffee: Combine cocoa butter and coffee grounds and massage into affected areas for 10 minutes. Cover in plastic wrap or a towel and apply pressure for at least 15 minutes before rinsing. This will help penetrate the natural ingredients more deeply into your skin to plump and firm to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. This is only temporary though and needs to be repeated as often as necessary.
  • Proper Diet & Exercise: By maintaining a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise, you may not have the weight gain that is associated with increased stretch marks. Use cardio exercises to burn fat instead of weight lifting that builds muscle tissue, which will stretch out the skin. Drink water at least 8 times a day to keep your skin hydrated, soft and moist.


They’re still there!!

While you may have tried the home methods, ate right, exercised and stayed hydrated, stretch mark scars can be stubborn and still persist. So if you’re still asking the question of “how to remove stretch marks?” we suggest trying a product that will remove stretch marks for good. With no strong odors or residue, and natural plant derived ingredients, scientific studies have created a system which improves the strength and elasticity of skin to prevent new stretch marks from forming and significantly reduces the appearance of already present stretch mark scars. Growing old gracefully just might get a little easier.

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