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Your face is the first thing people notice about you. Well, what do you do when it’s the one thing you want to hide the most? We would all like to agree that real beauty lies far beneath the surface, but the truth is most people won’t take the time to look past your face if it’s covered in acne, or your back or chest. Now, nothing about you feels very beautiful, inside or out. You have tried over the counter products and home remedies but the problem is still there. You’ve heard the latest hype about laser treatment for acne and are wondering if it’s the answer to your prayers? You might want to pay attention to the following article before deciding if laser acne treatment is right for you.


What is laser acne treatment?

Laser acne treatment works by light rays penetrating the skin’s deeper surfaces. The light is thought to reduce the amount of bacteria and decrease the size of the glands in our skin that produces oil. Scars left from prior acne outbreaks can be diminished as well from the lasers zapping the dead skin tissue which encourages collagen to grow new skin cells. Now that you know how the process works, you need to decide if it’s your best option.


Pros and Cons

There are usually advantages and disadvantages to every solution. Until you learn about both, you aren’t really making an informed decision.



Laser treatment for acne doesn’t require any invasive or surgical procedures. The laser treatment itself is considered to be painless and can be completed in 15 minute office visits and no hospital stays. It has minimal side effects and has been know to have proven results. Since the lasers remove bacteria formed under the skin, where other treatments can’t reach, it can prevent future breakouts from occurring.



It never takes only one treatment session to solve the problem. You need a series of treatments over a number of weeks or months. Since each acne laser treatment cost is high, you will end up paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars and very rarely are these cosmetic procedures covered by insurance. Even though the therapy itself is painless, the effect post treatment can be quite uncomfortable. Skin swelling and red marks can occur which may be worse than the acne itself. Due to the unpredictability of skin types, these effects can range from minor to more serious. Plus you might still need a topical medicated cream in addition to the laser treatment to get more long lasting results.


A more safe and cost effective solution

You hate your acne, but you’re not too fond of swelling and red marks either. You can’t afford the high costs and you really aren’t sure how YOUR skin type will react to the after effects of a penetrating laser treatment for acne. There is now a scientifically researched skin care management system which also penetrates deep to the root of the problem, far beneath the skin’s surface, for your entire body! Why not try a proven safe AND cost effective topical serum and you’ll never have to wonder again if laser acne treatment is the right choice for you? It IS true that real beauty lies deep inside but it is always nice to have what the world notices first be beautiful too.

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